CS:GO CGi Team List / CGm Update

CyberGamer CS:GO CGm/a by Tt eSPORTS - Final update!

After much discussion on our end, it is now been decided that the CGm league will be introduced at the start of season 2. With this in mind, the prizes initially announced for CGm will be moved to CGa meaning there are 3 fantastic prizes up for grabs for the top 3 teams. Teams who are active throughout the season and place high enough will be eligible for a chance to qualify into CGm season 2 (the exact format of how promotion/demotion will work is to be determined). Initial plans look to see the top 15 advance into CGm.

The CGa ladder is an OPEN ladder. You may schedule teams at your own leisure as many times as you wish. The ladder works on an ELO rating basis, and so you are rewarded with more points for challenging higher ranked opponents. Please note that mixing is strictly forbidden (constant line-up changes) and teams found doing this will not be considered for promotion.

The ladder will be live on Monday the 15th of October @ 15:00 CET, so be sure to add it to your diaries!

As promised, our fantastic partner Tt eSPORTS have of course put up some more prizes for the first season of CGm!

2nd Place - 5 x Tt eSPORTS Shock Headsets

Any questions then feel free to get in touch via PM to me on the CG website!
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