CoD4 PUGs Go Custom

Brand new map pool introduced to PUGs!

Here at CyberGamer we've introduced a new set of maps to our PUG (pick-up game) system, giving you the chance to try out a whole variety of custom maps available as well as the chance to have a bit of fun.

Immortal Servers | Website

PUGs automatically start once 10 people have joined and players will be randomly split into two teams of five. You will then be required to load up TeamSpeak, find the right channel, and then join the CoD4 game server, provided by Immortal Servers. Playing alongside other members of the community, you'll have the chance to get use to the custom maps in a competitive environment without the risk of losing positions within the ladders or leagues.

The scheme will run throughout season 4 and the two most played maps will be added to the map pool in time for the start of season 5 if proven popular.

You can join a PUG today by clicking here: - please note that you should not need to manually download each map - all Immortal Servers connect to a super fast redirect.

Map List:
mp_marketcenter_beta -
mp_sandstorm -
mp_cluster_1.5 -
mp_dahman_b41 -
mp_portside -
mp_smalltownx -
mp_season -
mp_hideout -
mp_slick_v181 -

If there's a map not on here that you'd like to see, please submit a support ticket and we'll do our best to get it added as soon as possible!
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