CS:GO - First 6 CGi teams and format update!

CyberGamer CS:GO Format update and CGi so far...


It's been pretty quiet round here since the finish of our qualifier cups and first things first - congratulations to both Blight and Roccat who won a spot in CGi and some hardware by taking 1st place in each of our qualifying cups. That's not all - they will face off in a Best of 3 showmatch where the winner will walk away with €250 cash.

Now regarding the format of our first seasons of CyberGamer CS:GO powered by Tt eSPORTS we have agreed upon some changes to the initial scheduling and format!

- The first season for CS:GO will run CGi and CGm as initially intended, but season 1 for CGa will not be a closed league, it will be an open ladder for teams to participate in and have the chance to be promoted at the end of each season.

- The Qualification ladder will remain open until the 2nd of October where the top TWO teams will win a spot into the first CS:GO CGi league by Tt eSPORTS where we have €1750 cash and some great Tt eSPORTS gear up for grabs.

CGi So far

- Blight Gaming (Winner of CS:GO Qualification Cup #1 by Tt eSPORTS)
- Roccat (Winner of CS:GO Qualification Cup #2 by IN WIN)
- WinFakt (Direct Invite)
- Millenium (Direct Invite)
- FM Toxic! (Direct Invite)
- n!faculty (Direct Invite)

So that's 6 teams out of the 16 we're planning on placing in the first invite season. Teams still wanting to apply for a direct invite can still do so by emailing with the following information;
- Team Name
- Link to your teams CyberGamer page
- Contact details of a Manager + Player where applicable (preferably skype+email)
- History of your players, team and in what games
- Why should we pick your team above others?

All applications need to be in by the 30th September and the full list of invited teams will be announced shortly after.
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