Team Spotlight: Team decerto

Getting To Know Team decerto

Some of you may not know anything about this week’s Team Spotlight; Team decerto. For those people, this relatively new team has been rising through the ranks rapidly and will surely see some bright horizons upcoming in the next year. Strong individual players, but also a fun team ethic makes decerto a future force to be reckoned with online and offline.

Team decerto is made up of:

Aidan ‘aidN’ Joseph – Assault
Alex ‘machine’ Richardson – Assault
Kyle ‘KyleEe’ Braithwaite – SMG
Luke ‘LuKe’ Dainton – SMG
Louis ‘qwRx’ Hodge – Scope
Oliver ‘orixzz’ Berghmans - Backup

The roots of decerto were formed at i43 in the summer of 2011, with Luke and Kyle meeting up with each other there. Aidan and Kyle knew each other from the original divi5ion lineup in late 2011. Aidan and Louis played at i44, bringing a scope into the mix and then finally, the beloved shoutcaster Alex, better known as machine, joined just after Epic 8 early this year at Uttoxeter, completing the team as we know them.

With an all-English and active roster, the team are beginning to see improvements and increasingly exception results against progressively strong opponents.

Competition History

A former lineup of decerto, with just Aidan, Kyle and Louis of the current team, attended Epic 8, finishing a “disappointing” 11th-13th.

The current lineup attended Epic 9 with the new addition of Alex ‘machine’ Richardson and finished a more respectable 9th-11th after getting knocked out by Team apeX in the lower brackets (which the team were again disappointed with after such a lucky draw in the group stages). The team were confident going into this LAN, beating the much more experienced AT Gaming easily and even challenging the powerhouses that were phantasmagoria, beating them on mp_crossfire. However, with brackets not going in their favour, decerto sadly had to bow to the experienced Team apeX who had been lamed down.

decerto competed in the GameShadow Battles £5000 CoD4 Challenge, winning 6 out of their 9 matches, placing them 12th-16th, losing to the CGi sides HWA.Kingston and Clan Poland, and another upcoming team, rave-on, who’ve had a promising start to their CGm season 4, drawing against the highly favoured Swedes Små Sniglarna.

In the Vita Nova CyberGamer Cup, decerto played well up until the 4th round of the cup, where Team On Fire/Visualize proved to be too tough of a match and caused a 10-13 loss for decerto, and yet again, another disappointing finish, but, on the brighter side of things, gave decerto the chance to compete in CGm Season 4 and hopefully get their revenge against On Fire/Visualize, who are also competing.

Luke ‘LuKe’ Dainton

Whilst intoxicated one night I decided it would be a good idea to talk to Luke ‘LuKe’ Dainton, one of the two founding members of decerto, about how he got into CoD4, how he feels the upcoming CGm Season will go, and his plans for the future.

Luke was introduced to PC gaming through his dad, who played Halo and BF2 on PC. Luke gradually was converted from playing such games as FIFA and PES to Age of Empires, and then finally to CoD4. Promod was introduced to Luke by his cousin, Sam, who plays for Infinitus.Tt currently.

Luke, who was then known as Coolio, changed his name to Skywalker for some reason, and then began playing as LuKe, attending LANs such as i42, i43 and Epic 8 before solidly confirming himself as a member of decerto.

Aside from decerto, Luke is a member of the 2v2 teams Chicken and Tea, along with Kyle (who likes chicken, basketball, watermelon and thick, juicy butts), and also a member of The Dainton Combo with his cousin, Sam.

Outside of CoD4, Luke plays LoL along with the rest of decerto and is studying computer forensics at university.

A finish in the Top 10 of the Tt.Main League is within grasp, but it all depends how decerto plays on the day according to Luke, who seemed apprehensive about predicting a more impressive finish.

Aidan ‘aidN’ Joseph

Aidan, from near Birmingham, England, is the self proclaimed Public Relations Manager for decerto and is also a keen bean. With an interest in visual media, especially Photoshop and video editing, Aidan doesn’t know what job he wants when he reaches puberty, but he intends to find a paper round and lose his baby teeth beforehand. He likes to make people say ‘fucking hell mate you are good’.

I pinned Aidan against a wall and stole all of his secrets with a little interview:

Which member cheers the loudest at LAN, and what is their battle cry?
Either me or machine and I’d have to get the whole team into teamspeak or else it won’t be atmospheric enough.

Which, out of the LANs you’ve been to, has been your favourite?
Epic 9 just for the people I went with. It was the team we have now. We all get along really well – well we do have our squabbles but we always try to have a laugh and sort everything out.

Who are you most looking forward to playing in CGm?
imGaming. They’re sort of our rivals.

Where do you hope to place in CGm?
Well, since we got into CGm we’ve kinda slowed down and relaxed when we should’ve really stayed at the same pace we were going when we were trying to qualify for CGm. I think we’re aiming for 4th, but realistically about 6th or 7th.

Who’s the best and worst player in decerto?
I’d say Louis (qwRx) is our best player. He’s just an incredible scope and is well known for his deagle which I’m pretty jealous of. He is a big clutcher and stays calm and collected. As for the worst, I’d probably say me.

Are you in any 2v2 teams?
Yeah, the AKs and SMGs from decerto each have their own team, mine and machine’s is Good Looking Gamers because we’re actually the best looking people playing CoD4, except maybe Luboshmir. I’m in a team called Fat and Thin with our backup orixz too.

Why is it called Fat and Thin?
Because he’s fat and I’m thin.

I’ve seen your YouTube; do you try to keep active on there?
Yeah, we record a lot of gameplays but the amount of time it takes to record, render and upload is like a day so I don’t upload as often as I’d like. I’d say I’m more of a casual editor really. My trolling videos on Chat Roulette were pretty popular. Even now I go into pubs sometimes and someone will say I should do more trolling videos.

Any embarrassing past names?
I used to be called Blitz before I realised that 80% of the German CoD community is called Blitz. Then I switched to just boring Aidan. I saw loads of the high level players with random capitols in their names and starting messing around with different combinations like AidAn but settled with aidN because it looks nice and neat. Sometimes I bring out Aidanator when I need to crank up the volume.

Watermelon or thick, juicy butts?
What? Like, bottoms? They’re alright I guess, I like watermelon though and you didn’t specify whether they were male or female butts.

Is there anything else I should know about you?
I can fart with my hands. It attracts all the ladies and makes them keel over in a pool of their own juices.

Final Thoughts

decerto are a helpful and funny group of guys who I’m very happy to have met. With a bit of luck and a touch more experience they’re bound to excel.

I wish them the best of luck with Season 4 and their future.

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Team decerto CyberGamer Page
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