CoD4 Season 4 CyberGamer Tt eSPORTS Leagues are Live

The CoD4 Season 4 Tt eSPORTS Leagues are now live!

After weeks of planning, playoffs and the CGi cup, the 4th season of the CyberGamer Invite and Main leagues sponsored by Tt eSPORTS are now live. With an increase of €500 in the prize pot to €2,000, teams will be battling it out in their bid to secure first place and be crowned as the champion of their respective league.

The full schedule is now live although currently incomplete following a series of events with regards to the CGi cup. All slots will be filled by Wednesday 19th September at the very latest and so we ask that you check both the schedule and league pages regularly for updates on matches.

Teams are reminded that they may play their matches at any time during the same week. If you cannot play during a week, you *must* use your wildcard otherwise face a forfeit win. Once your team receives 3 forfeits you will be removed from the league. Teams must also schedule their matches using the comments on CyberGamer, or by copying logs across, as this enables our admins to be able to efficiently run the leagues effectively.

A complete list of new rules and prizes available can be read by clicking here!
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