CyberGamer Announces CoD4 2v2 Ladder

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By popular demand, the team here at CyberGamer are pleased to announce the Call of Duty 4 2v2 S&D ladder. The ladder will run in the same format as the current open mix ladder, allowing you to be in up to 3 teams. As with all ladders and leagues, you will be required to have your CoD4 GUID and TZAC ID registered to your profile, and as well this, TZAC must be used at all times. You can find the full ruleset here.

The ladder is currently open for registrations only and will be unlocked Monday 17th September at 15:00 CET, giving you the chance to find a partner in crime and register! Over the next few days we shall be creating a small team of admins dedicated to the league to ensure that all runs smoothly. If this is something you'd be interested in then please submit an application today!

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