CyberGamer CS:GO Qualification cup #2 by IN WIN

Qualifier Cup #2 with awesome prizes courtesy of INWIN

CS:GO Qualification Cup #'2 by IN WIN

Following on from the success of our first qualifier, IN WIN have stepped up to sponsor our second qualifier with 5 fantastic IN WIN Dragon Rider cases in sexy white for the winners of this qualifier. That's not all, the winner of this qualifier will play the winner of our first qualifier cup, Blight gaming in a €250 showmatch where the winner takes all.

The cup is, like the previous qualifier, set to run from Monday to Thursday during next week and starting on the 17th of September. It is also necessary that teams have a representative in #CG.GO on quakenet mIRC as this is where the cup will be ran from.

The first round is scheduled to start at 20:45 CET Monday 17th September. A full detailed schedule will be put up once we know how many signups we have, but there will be games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so it is important to make sure you are able to play on all of these days.

For a detailed breakdown of what place will put you in which league by playing this qualification cup by IN WIN please see the infogram - which you can find by clicking here.

1st Place Prize – 5x INWIN Dragon Rider White cases

For detailed information on the cup and how to signup (please note, signups are open to everybody and there is not a cap on the amount of teams who can enter!) – click here!

Don't forget, teams wanting an invite DIRECTLY into the first season of CGi can apply for one by following these simple steps;
To be eligible for an invite, teams must send an email to with the following information;
- Team Name
- Link to your teams CyberGamer page
- Contact details of a Manager + Player where applicable (preferably skype+email)
- History of your players, team and in what games
- Why should we pick your team above others?

To make this new project a success we are also recruiting admins, if you'd like to be an admin for CyberGamer and help make this the best league possible – click here.
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