Is COD4 Dead? The Future of Call of Duty 4 PC

Streamgasm Interviews COD4 Promod Gamers @ i46

If you've been frequenting the Call of Duty 4 Promod hangout spots of late you'll have probably heard the term "game's dead" repeated more times than you've played mp_crash.

Sure, COD4 is no where near as prolific as it once was, but does that mean that we can write it off as dead and soon to be buried? With the echo of haters and pessimists fresh in my mind I headed to i46 to find out what some of the more influencial members of the community had to say on the matter.

Is COD4 really dead?

Join in the discussion below. I'll be, personally, really interested to see what you all think. Will you, the 20,000 European CG members, continue to play COD4?
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