Tt.CGa CoD4 Season 4 Ladder Re-opens

CoD4 Promod's biggest ladder is back for season 4!

We'd like to officially announce the re-opening of the CGa.Tt ladder. For all those teams missing the ladder's fun, you can now get back to playing!

Remember to finish as high as possible - as you never know, you could be directly promoted depending on dropouts.

Here are the end of season rewards and other important information:

1. 5x Conkor Tt. Mousepads & CGm.Tt Promotion
2. CGm.Tt Promotion
3. CGm.Tt Promotion
4. CGm.Tt Promotion
5. Play-off Spot
6. Play-off Spot
7. Play-off Spot
8. Play-off Spot

Important Rule Changes:

Make sure to read all the rules here.

- Every player must enter their TZAC and COD4 Guid to their CyberGamer profile.
-Please read this
-All PB GUIDs must be clean on PB Bans, GV and GGc stream. If a player will play a match with banned guid his team will lose a match by forfeit

Teams must use TZAC in every match. Teams can claim a forfeit win after the match if their opponent did not use TZAC.

Banned Players
Players which are found playing with a known cheater (with his old/banned and new account) will be banned for a two weeks.

Teams found to have been playing with banned players will not be considered for promotion.

Demos, Screenshots, Disputes
Teams/players must request a demo by writing CyberGamer nickname of a player in a dispute chat, not in-game. If someone has different nickname ingame, you are able to ask him to put his CyberGamer nickname or you can check pb_power or ac_players.

If a team doesn't show, then the match is cancelled.

Promoted Rosters
Teams promoted to CGm from CGa may make a maximum of 3 changes in the off-season. If full line-ups or 4 changes are made, the team will not be promoted.

If you are unsure of anything please contact an admin or start a ticket through support.

Announcements on the CG.Tt Leagues will be up shortly.

Lost? Not sure how the CyberGamer system operates? Then click here for our multi-language tutorials to learn.
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