CyberGamer enters CS:GO

CyberGamer enters CS:GO

After expanding into Europe and boasting three successful seasons of Call of Duty 4 to date, CyberGamer has always been keen on expanding the list of supported games. With the recent release of Counter Strike:Global Offensive it seemed only fitting that it was to be the next game to be fully supported by CyberGamer with the inclusion of prize winning leagues. Our CS:GO seasons will follow almost exactly the same format that has been proven both successful and popular within the COD4 community, the only differences will be in how you actually qualify for the first season and how teams are promoted/demoted after the end of each season.

For the first season you will be pleased to hear that we have partnered up with the fantastic Tt eSPORTS who will be providing a vast array of their sought-after products as prizes for each league. With their support, we are able to offer the chance for EVERYONE to be in with a shot at winning some prizes. So without making you wait any longer, here are the prizes available for the first season of CyberGamer CS:GO;

Tt eSPORTS CyberGamer Invite League - €1750 Cash + Hardware
1st €1000 + 5x Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-UNIT Keyboards
2nd €500 + 5x Tt eSPORTS SHOCK One Headsets
3rd €250 + 5 x Tt eSPORTS Black Element Mice

Tt eSPORTS CyberGamer Main League – Hardware
1st 5x Tt eSPORTS Challenger Keyboards
2nd 5x Tt eSPORTS SHOCK Headsets
3rd 5x Tt eSPORTS Conkor Mouse Pads

Tt eSPORTS CyberGamer Academy League - Hardware
1st 5x Tt eSPORTS Dasher Mouse Pads

Now the question you'll all be wondering, how do we qualify?

The leagues will be populated mainly from two different sources, the CyberGamer qualifier cups, the first of which will be sponsored by Tt eSPORTS (Two of these shall run, the second cup and sponsor to be announced soon). Also the CyberGamer Open ladder which will run for the duration of the Qualifier cups. Lastly, 12 teams will be invited directly to the Invite league. For more information please see the this link.

CyberGamer Qualifier Cups - The winner of each qualifier cup will win hardware provided by the sponsor of each cup. They will then face off in a broadcasted showmatch where then winner will take home €250.

Official statement from Tt eSPORTS;

"With a lot of excitement surrounding the Release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the Success we've already achieved with the Call of Duty leagues at Cyber Gamer, Tt eSPORTS are pleased to announce our support for the new CS:GO league. The opportunity to continue our growing relationship with Cyber Gamer and to support the Counter Strike scene was something we were looking in to and we hope this will be the beginning of a long term support of Cyber Gamer and CS:GO community." Andrew Christoforou European Marketing and Community Manager Tt eSPORTS

We are also on the lookout for dedicated admins to help make sure this brand new league runs as smooth as possible, if you are interested follow this link to apply for an admin position.
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