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Following a fantastic CG season 3 we at CyberGamer wish to spice up the cool-down period until the next season starts. A lot of teams have shown us that they are keen to carry on playing competitively during the break, therefore we offer you a reward for your hard work.

The prize for the top 3 finishing teams in CGo by September 3rd will be given access to cod.invite, this is a fantastic opportunity for an upcoming team to hone their skills and do well in the next season of! The only requirement to gain access is that you must be a team, we are not accepting any mixes into invite.

• The top 3 placed teams in CGo by September 3rd will be granted access to invite.
• No mix teams will be able to win.
• The access will not be permanent. This will act as a trial period.
• This is a one-off reward and there is no guarantee for this to be repeated.

Not sure what #cod.invite is? #cod.invite is an IRC channel located on the Quakenet server which allows teams from Tt.CGi, Tt.CGm and the best teams outside of the leagues to practice amongst each other.

Want to learn more about how to get started if you're still not sure? Check out the Vita-Nova Getting Started Guide

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