CG.Tt Season 3 Ends 12th August

Important announcement for all CG teams participating in CG Season 3. This is a MUST read for CG teams.

Please read below for the most important announcements concerning the end of Season 3.

-There will be no play-off matches for CGa.

- CGa.Tt will officially close on 12th August 23:59, disputes will then be resolved to establish promoted teams.

-The top 8 teams in CGa.Tt will be promoted (subject to change)

-All CGm.Tt play-off matches will need to have been played by 12th of August

-CGm.Tt play-off matches will be scheduled in the coming days

-All remaining CGi.Tt and CGm.Tt matches need to be completed by 12th of August. No further extensions will be granted. No exceptions.

These decisions were made on the basis of folded teams and the necessity to close the season as soon as possible while providing clarity on the end date.

Within the next week further clean-ups will be conducted of current CGm teams as well.

Keep an eye out for news posts for more information.
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