CyberGamer TV is recruiting Streamers!

We're looking for 1-2 dedicated streamers who can cast 3 evenings a week minimum!

CyberGamer TV specialises in bringing you Call of Duty 4 Promod broadcasts as much as possible, with a particular focus on our very own CyberGamer.Tt Leagues. We currently have a partnership with Twitch.TV and you can find our channel here:

Want to join our team? Read on.

What we expect from the streamer? Expert streaming knowledge, capable technical set-up with a super-fast internet connection and the ability to bring up wait screens (handle Xsplit properly - etc). (I'm no expert - so you'd be handling this on your own, I can't babysit you).

What do we expect from the team (casters+ streamers)? For you to be able to find your own matches in time. If you've read the threads in this forum you'll know how and with CG Season 3 fast approaching - I expect you to stream matches on a regular basis without my help. In the first few weeks, I will make sure I help get you guys games and help you fit in but you should be an independent unit in the long term.

What's in it for you? You get to be a part of the Cybergamer/Vita-Nova project. You'll be a part of the small team we currently have in place in building CyberGamer through your streams and casts. This will open up a new network within e-sports for you. And, as we grow, so do you. You might also have ambitions to become a top-caster within gaming. This could be your start.

Additionally, 100% of the ad-revenue earned through the partnership is paid to the casters and streamers depending on the percentage of their contribution. (These aren't huge lump-sums - so don't expect anything substantial, this is a bonus, and should not be the sole motivator). We've also handed out gear/privileges to admins who have worked hard for us, this is something we'd like to continue if we can in the future with any other teams we have on board - but there is no guarantee.

If you've read this far you're probably genuinely interested - if you skipped to this point I suggest you go back and read everything.

How do you apply? Contact myself, nreo, in one of two ways:

1.)Message me on CyberGamer with a little bit about yourself and your motivations
2.)Add me on xfire: "nreo" with a description i.e CG.TV app

Programs needed for casters and streamers: TeamSpeak 3.0 and Skype
Pluses: Twitter account
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