CGi.Tt & CGm.Tt Kick-Off (Important - Read)

So we're off... but if you're participating in the leagues then there are important things you need to know. Read on!

This applies to both new teams and old teams who may not be familiar with the match-scheduling process, or key rules. There are a few changes from last season - so please read them and save your team from potential forfeit losses and removal from the leagues!

You can find all the rules here

In short - you are allotted two default match days each week, Thursday and Sunday. If you can't play on those days then you'll want to reschedule the game using the private chat match comments on the match page. Take the initiative and be proactive in rearranging if you have to.

TIP! Use the private chat match comments to communicate with your opponent alternative match dates!
TIP! You can find the private chat match comments near the bottom of your match page!
TIP! Check your matches by looking for your team and clicking 'More' on the league page.

Here are a few important rules and details on match scheduling highlighted for your benefit:

Match Scheduling and Wildcards

-Matches can be rearranged between teams but any changes to the match date must be visible via the match comments, which should be treated as the default communication channel. The matches themselves need to be completed by the end of the allotted match week.

-If teams do not communicate within one another via the private chat match comments then the allotted default match time will stand and both teams should expect to play then.

-Teams who are found to not cooperate through match comments, show little effort in finding a timeslot to play their match, offer no available playing times and fail to provide a sufficient reason for their actions will be given forfeit losses. These are again handed out at the admins discretion.

Here's a good example of how PMP and TCM changed their match-time.

So Read Read Read! Not following the rules is only your own fault! Any questions you can post below, any problems always make a ticket
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