Games looking for new CoD4 admins!

The administration are looking for new CoD4 admins in order to manage the ladders/leagues and future tournaments.

With an increase in activity, new admins are required in order to manage the ladders/leagues and future tournaments. Of course, admins with experience or knowledge would be ideal however we're open to new admins that are willing to learn and provide support for the teams and tournaments.

The following positions are available:

- CyberGamer Support Admins
- Demo Reviewers
- Ban Detectives

To sum it up, a CyberGamer Support Admin will be required to answer any open support ticket and work alongside the game admins in case any issues come up. Demo reviewers and ban detective should be self-explanatory however to summarize that, we require people that have knowledge or the ability to review demos and people who have the ability to look into bans (example: this may require linking players together by IP).

Please be aware that this is a voluntary position although this also gives you chance to interact with the scene and effectively 'give back' to the scene. Rewards are being looked into for the future as we aim to obtain sponsors and funding for future tournaments.

If you're interested in this position, please go to the following link

Make sure you select 'PC' and either Support Admin or Call of Duty - Game/Ladder Admin. You will be required to give us as much information about yourself along with the specified role (Support Admin / Demo Reviewer / Ban detective).

Good luck to all that apply.
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