DockYard LAN Changes Dates

Esport Fineness Changing Dates From April To August 24th-26th

With the DockYard LAN event being held in cooperation with Alienware Hungary - it was sure that the head sponsor of the event wanted even more publicity then the massive prize pot could give them, and thus - they have decided to change the event venue and dates - from it being held in Vac in mid April, the event will now most probably be held in the capitol city of Hungary, Budapest for 3 consecutive days, from August 24th to August 26th. This will not only make the travel less time consuming and the sleeping arrangements easier to make.

Statement made by the AlienWare team:
"Dear Alienware Fans,

we are delighted to announce that the Alienware Battlefield 3 Competition is extended until 15th April thank to the very good turnout.
The second news what we would like to share with you is the new date of the Alienware LAN Event which will take place at the end of August. The reason behind is we aim to find the right venue which can level up the event and even aim to find the sufficient 3rd party exhibitors in order to deliver the best gaming and show experinece.

For further information you can check the website continously where we upload the new prizes and more...

Kindest regards,
Alienware Team"

Official announcement on ESF Website
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