CG IMPORTANT Format and Rule Changes


We are announcing the addition of several rules and format changes for our CGi and CGm leagues to ensure the smooth running of the leagues.

Format Changes
-Every team has been given an additional 4 wild cards.

-Match times on Thursday will be moved to 21:00CET by default on matches starting in the 2nd week of February. Match times on Sunday will be moved forward by half an hour and start at 20:00CET and 21:00CET respectively.

Match Scheduling
-Teams or its players who attend LAN events may be given a free wildcard for the LAN's week. These free wildcards are given at the admins discretion only and there is no guarantee.*

-Free wildcards may be given to teams who participate in high profile cup final matches. These are given at the admins discretion only and there is no guarantee.*

-Teams who are found to not cooperate through match comments, show little effort in finding a timeslot to play their match, offer no available playing times and fail to provide a sufficient reason for their actions will be given forfeit losses. These are again handed out at the admins discretion.

-Teams that do not play their matches in the allotted week and do not use a wildcard will be deducted a wildcard each automatically.

*Please note wildcards allow the team to reschedule for the following week. Matches need to be played by the end of the second week or another wildcard will need to be used.

General Remarks
Please make sure you are posting in the match comments to rearrange games and posting your available times you can play. 30-45mins per game isn't much and it is important these games are played or forfeit losses can be handed out.

We noticed matches were usually rescheduled for an hour or two hours later. We've decided to compensate this with the new default match times.
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