CG Season 2 Leagues LIVE

We are go!

A quick reminder of the new rules for teams getting ready to play!

Matches can be rescheduled at no penalty as long as the match is played in its original allotted week! Meaning if you have a game scheduled for Thursday, both teams can agree to play on Monday instead.

Remember to ALWAYS post a change in match date in the match comments. This allows us to see there is an agreement between both teams.

If only one team posts and another doesn't, we'll assume both teams agree. You receive e-mails when there is a match comment - so there is no excuse!

Here are the scheduling rules again:

Match Scheduling

-Matches can be rearranged between teams but any changes to the match date must be visible via the match comments, which should be treated as the default communication channel. The matches themselves need to be completed by the end of the allotted match week.

-If the match cannot be played in the original match week then a wildcard must be used. The match then needs to be completed by the end of the following match week - extensions past the following week requires admin approval. Make these visible through match comments.

-Teams have 6 wildcards they can use during the season. Using a wildcard must be clearly stated in the match comments and counts per match used."

-If teams do not make an effort to play the match or reschedule it via the match comments then a warning will be given to the offending party. The offender then forfeits the match. A maximum of 3 warnings can be issued. After the third warning the team will be removed if they continue to re-offend.

All the rules including all the new rules can be found here - read them!

Good luck to all teams!
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