CyberGamer Season 2 Leagues Announcement

CyberGamer Season 2 set to kick off on the 16th of January with important rule changes.

After a successful CG season 1, are now very happy to announce that Season 2 of CG will boast another €1500 prize purse. Note this date in your diary, the first match week will commence on the 16th of January. Rosters will be locked at the end of the first match week.

There are several important format and rule changes that every player should read, listed below. Please make sure to read ALL the rules for this season’s CGi/CGm if you are participating.They can be found by clicking here

Season 2 Format Changes

-The season commences on the 16th of January
-The season schedule will last 8 weeks
-Teams are allotted a default match date for every match
-Teams will play either 2 or 3 matches a week depending if you are CGi or CGm.
-Default match days will fall on Thursdays 19.30-20.30CET and Sundays 20:00-22:00CET
-CGm has been reduced to 24 teams to allow for proper scheduling (down from 25).

Season 2 New Rules

-Matches can be rearranged between teams but any changes to the match date must be visible via the match comments, which should be treated as the default communication channel. The matches themselves need to be completed by the end of the allotted match week.

-If the match cannot be played in the original match week then a wildcard must be used. The match then needs to be completed by the end of the following match week - extensions past the following week requires admin approval. Make these visible through match comments.

-Teams have 6 wildcards they can use during the season. Using a wildcard must be clearly stated in the match comments and counts per match used."

-If teams do not make an effort to play the match or reschedule it via the match comments then a warning will be given to the offending party. The offender then forfeits the match. A maximum of 3 warnings can be issued. After the third warning the team will be removed if they continue to reoffend.

-Team's may have a maximum of 7 players in their roster.

-Team's may make a maximum of 1 roster change per month. Contact an admin or create a support ticket to apply for the change. These monthly changes do not stack.

-A player is only allowed to change team once per season.

-Every team has 1 “panic charge.” This allows for a maximum of 3 roster changes at anytime during the season. This consumes the 1 roster change allowance of that particular month. If a roster change has already been used for that month then the maximum number is reduced to 2.This cannot be used in the last week of the season, when the season has ended, and after a team has declared itself folded or has been removed from the league.

-Every team needs to designate one captain. The captain takes responsibility for initiating roster changes or using the panic charge

Our Thoughts

This section goes over our reasons behind the changes for those that are interested.

Last season we saw a number of problems. The first being teams just not playing their matches. Well, we believe teams do have the time to play at least 2-3 maps per week. A map could last anything between half an hour to 45 minutes. Three of those equals a measly 2 hours and 15 minutes a week. Of course, one could argue that it is the arranging of matches that has proved most troublesome. Well to combat that we've given you default match days. If changes have to be made there its up to both teams to contact each other via the match comments and make an effort. We just don't believe that team's cannot find 45 minutes during the week to play each other.

Forced match days, why? Well firstly they're not forced. They're allotted to you as a default. Previously you could arrange games in the week whenever you wanted but teams found out they could get away with doing nothing, or postponing a game for months. Yes, months - when both teams had ample opportunities to play each other. This is simply unacceptable, and will now change. Why Thursday? ESH matches are normally played on Mondays and Wednesdays, while we cannot schedule around every cup or tournament (thats up to you), Thursday was the most logical option along with Sunday. However, you still have the flexibility if you so choose to use it, otherwise, get ready to play on that specific day. The second benefit of this new system is that it allows caster crew to check what matches are being played on what days. Rather than big matches being casted 'per chance' or per social network contact, casters will be able to book matches and make that visible in match comments. Meaning more coverage.

Now, teams may voice complaints about not having enough time to 'practice' sufficiently before these officials. We'd all love more time. If you as a team cannot afford the time to practice and play, then you just need to look at amateur football teams who train once a week (as much as they'd love to play more they can't due to real life commitments). It doesn't stop them from turning up to the match on Sunday. Very simply put, if you don't have time to do both we can't help you. What we can do is give you two pieces of advice. The first, to play these officials anyway. The best practice you can get in the game is by playing in real competitive environments where both teams are doing all they can for the win. The second, is to make use of the 7 man roster you have at your disposal. This is a season of consistency, being able to play is better than automatically forfeiting a match. With back-up players or 'subs' you can rotate your line up and allows you to field 5 come match day. And if you really can't play? Well you have 6 wild cards, use them wisely.

The other problem is with teams folding. Yes in some cases irreconcilable differences lead to inevitable team collapses. We understand that and the lack of motivation. But importantly, if a team folds, it reflects badly on not only the players themselves, but on CG. We're trying to market ourselves and our community to attract sponsors and prizes so that we can give more back to you. If a team folds they not only let themselves down, they let the community down too.

To combat the issue we've introduced the 1 roster change a month and panic charge rules. If a team is on the verge of collapsing, then these resources may prove useful.

Remember that we aim to reward CG teams in any way possible in the future. We've already done so with additional placements when teams have dropped out, and we'll keep following the same philosophy. The best thing you can do as a team is play CG: the more people that play it, the more we can give back to you.

Good luck to all teams in what will be an exciting second season!
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