Zowie Celeritas Review [Word from manufacturer]


Quite some time has passed since my introductory »The Keyboard – Debut« article. In the beginning, when the response seemed nonexistent, I was depressed about giving out so much, yet receiving so little in return. Luckily it all took a turn for the better, and now I’m motivated to put all the theoretical knowledge to use and actually review some keyboards.
But there is a catch. When I write my reviews I don’t want them to be standard, run-off-the-mill kind of articles, but something people will find interesting and educational. That is why these articles take much more time to be published, as I want to truly test each and every function the keyboard posses. It is not difficult listing the features of a peripheral device and writing about them, the difficult part is to objectively and comparatively analyze every bit of the product, and sum that into a (hopefully) well written article.

So, what do we have here today? Err,.. I mean, what product have I been using for the better part of the past 3 months? That will be Zowie’s Celeritas keyboard. The makers – Zowie - as such have been an integral part of the gaming scene ever since their initial launch back in 2008. Since then Zowie have not only supplied the gamers with their gear, but also provided teams and tournaments with sponsorships integral to the ever growing success of the industry – that is eSports. Never mind that, we are not here to discuss neither Zowie as a brand, rather let us talk about the Celeritas – more on it after the break.

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