End Of Season 1, Beginning Of Season 2

Who would have thought that we could get the Call of Duty 4 ProMod community to adopt a new home so quickly.

It would be a downright lie to say that the numbers aren't impressive. With over 2900 matches played in the somewhat short life of CyberGamer Europe, it really seems that the Call of Duty 4 ProMod community have accepted this site to become their new home after being scattered across several different portals.

As you could have noticed, the CyberGamer Amateur ladder has been closed for the past few days and the admin crew has been going through all the open matches and solving the disputes. Like noted in Vita Nova's most recent statement, the top 14 teams of CGa will be invited to compete in the CG Main League, as well receiving credentials to the #cod.invite IRC channel. With any tournament, there have been upsets - most notably RAGE Gaming, who were ranked 11th at the end of the ladder lost a dispute vs cHaos Gaming, which put the latter into 11th and RAGE into 15th, together with "a new project" luckily landing 14th on point difference. Likewise, Druidz ended too close for Ballers comfort as the latter won by mere 183 points, which is not a lot given that during the last days one could get upwards of 1000 points.

Through some heated discussion topics it had also become clear that the community was not satisfied with the ranking system, and that is why we have changed it to a better, more familiar ELO rating system. Having said that, the CGa ladder is being reset - allowing for some new potential to shine through and be added to the CGm league - and is LIVE from the minute this news post is on the front page and will remain open until the end of Season 2.

The teams qualified for CGm have been moved to the waiting pool for the Season 2 of CGi and CGm, but we are still to announce any news on our second edition of the biggest CoD4 league on the planet.

Now that it's back alive and kicking, go play some CGa:
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