Team Dignitas return to CoD4

It's been rumoured for several months, and yesterday the speculation came to an end. Team Dignitas have officially returned to CoD4.

Yesterday Team Dignitas confirmed what has been speculated for months. Their official return to CoD4. The world-renowned multi-gaming organisation have picked up the team now formerly known as PROBOB. The team consists of some familiar faces in the scene who have previously represented Dignitas, mixed in with some fresh talent to complete the lineup.

The new Dignitas.cod4 lineup consists of:

Mark "phantasy" Pinney
Mark "mark" Horner
Chris "blackmane" Kinnair
Ted "KoWa" Hansson
Dimitry "delroo" Decan

Call of Duty legend Chris 'Blackmane' Kinnair had the following to say about his return:

"It's been just over a year now since I last represented dignitas and since then I haven't been very active in the gaming scene, however now I'm back and couldn't be happier that I've been able to make a team capable to represent dignitas once again. Phantasy, Mark and myself started talking about making a team about two months ago and we managed to draft in some terrible players called kowa and delroo! They do seem to get kills somehow though so I can't really complain. We will be looking to take both the online and lan scene by storm by entering as many tournaments as possible so watch out noobs dignitas is back!"

The team is currently playing in the group stage of the 9th Season of ESL Major Series, and are expected to make their first LAN appearance at the next edition of i-Series.

Team Dignitas Announcement
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