Vengance cup to be streamed by QuadV

This Thursday, the Vengance $10,000 cash cup will be streamed by non other than QuadV! It will be casted by QuadV veteran Stuart "TosspoT" Saw who will be co-casting with either Leigh "Deman" Smith or Dennis "Mennace" Fick.

Thursday the 27th of October, ladies and gents write that date in your diary! We will see a return of Tosspot to our computer screens. With his last CoD4 stream being the Italian LAN event UGC, months ago. At 22:00 CET we will see German side of Winfakt up against the Portuguese side of TLH.GW. It's safe to say the German power houses Winfakt are mighty favourites, coming off a very impressive draw against Europe's number one ANEXIS just last week in CGinvite league. The side of TLH.GW are not to be forgotten about though! They have recently paid for E-Series Maximus in Netherlands and will be prepared to play against top teams like Winfakt. Defiantly one you do not want to miss.

It is unsure yet who will be teaming with TosspoT to help with the cast but it will be either Deman or Mennace. Who ever it is, I'm sure it will be a fine performance!

Line ups

Kevin "reflexzR" Klempera
Timm "NIGHTYI" Hellmanzik
Marco "DUFFY" Mayer
Miles "miles" Rauch
Patrick "PATZ" Peuler


Miguel "ArTiC" Lamy
Vitor "s1ckkk!" Travassos
Rui Filipe "Kripton" Vicente de Oliveira
Antonio "TGB" Martins
Nelson "SKELETON" Ferreira

Good teams, a good stream with an all star cast and in a $10,000 cup! What more do you want? So make sure you tune in. The stream will be live at 22:00 CET on Thursday the 27th of October on the embed stream below.

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