Infused With Major Changes

The ThermalTake Sponsored Team Drop Three, Add Two

It is funny how things work out. One minute a team is highly successful, doing well in big tournaments and is considered one of the contenders for the trophy - the other players leave the organization and the combined effort of 5 is nullified.

They say that the higher you fly, the lower you fall - and that could not more rightfully be said for Infused.Tt. Right after two excellent finishes - 2nd at Adroits and 2nd at Insomnia 43 - they removed the Swedish legend Daniel "tidde" Asp from the lineup as his key got banned by PunkBuster due to him using a CS1.6 mouse acceleration fix.

With only four players, they looked to the UK scene to find a suitable replacement that they found in Mark "mark" Horner, but it wasn't meant to be as he was invited to a yet-to-be-announced team that will - if the rumours are true - play under Team Dignitas. All of this would not have been such a disaster if he had not taken Ted "KoWa" Hansson with him. With so many team changes the rest of the team decided it was Tom "tomzki" Churchman's time to go as well.

Without any deliberation they quickly picked up a member of ex- WinFakt!, Leonidas "killzx" Krykos, and Sanjay "caesiuM" Gambhir of eMazing/Blight respectively. Now they are looking for that one last piece to finish the puzzle - a player that would help them go even further as they did with their previous lineup.

The current Infused.Tt line-up looks like this:

Chris "alpha" Bald
Chris "KexSTAR" Tuck
Sanjay "caesiuM" Gambhir
Leonidas "killzx" Krykos

Sanjay "caesiuM" Gambhir had the following to say:
"It feels good to be playing with my fellow Uk'ers for a change, thanks for all the support. We are still looking for a fifth so feel free to add abyss100 to xfire."

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