Have Your Say 'eksor'

An Interview with Team Imex 'eksor'

The Have Your Say series is an opportunity for you, the community, to broadcast your opinions on the current COD4 scene and contribute to the growth and evolution of the game.

This week I caught up with Team Imex 'eksor' to grab his views on the upcoming Corsair cup and the latest addition to their lineup.

Now a lot of the community will already know, but I have to ask, who are you and who do you play for?

Hello, my name is Valentino but most of you will know me by the nickname eksor. I'm 20 year old from Croatia, and currently playing for team-imex.

Obviously I first have to ask you about picking up Michele "skkiNN" Mancini recently. How much of a boost was that for you guys and how is he settling in and gelling with the team?

Michele is one of the best SMG players out there, he is a great guy and such a big pickup for us. After trialing him for a few weeks, we found that he is that last part of puzzle that we missed.

Have you had to adapt your team’s playstyle at all to accommodate skkiNN?

We had to change a few things, yes.

Previously you had a full Croatian lineup with Fran "valkiyri" Petar, are there any language difficulties with adding an Italian to your squad?

This is one of the changes we had to do, but so far everything works good and communication is probably even better then before.

With the Corsair cup just round the corner, what sort of shape do you guys think you are in for placing well in this event?

It's hard to say, we didn't have that much time to actually practice some things because of official matches, but I believe in my team and we could still go far.

Have you set any goals for placement in the competition?

Top 12 would be a great success considering everything, but who knows.

Who do you consider Favorites for the event? And who do you think are the Dark Horses ready to springe a surprise?

A lot of changes happened to almost all the top teams, so anyone could finish in the top 3 placement. I believe that guys from LLL will go big together with the current number one in Europe, Anexis. Dark horses? I have no clue, there's so many teams that can surprise and do well.

$6000 for the winner. How pleased are you to see such a large cash prize for an online event? How do you see this effecting activity in the game.

I'm really looking forward to play this cup, the community never had an online event with such a massive prize. The feedback from the teams is huge, with 256 participants and hopefully that's just a beginning.

You guys have a great home in ‘IMEX’. Do you think events such as the Corsair cup will encourage more Organizations to get involved in the COD4 scene?

Big tournaments like Corsair Vengeance Cup, together with the already announced European events with a huge prizepot should bring some new organizations in the CoD4. Or at least I hope so.

Tell us a bit about your plans for the future? Are you attending upcoming online events or LANs?

Imex participates in all competitions that are going on at the moment, such as EMS IX, CGmain league and CB Eurocup. We will play Vengeance Cup and CEVO Invasion aswell, and you will probably see us at some major lan events in the following months.

Any final comments you would like to make?

Thanks for the interview, and for those who are interested you can follow me on

Thanks eksor!

The Corsair Cup commences Monday 17th October
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