Herr to join Antwerp Aces? - Report

The CGinvite team Herr are reportedly joining the Belgian organisation Antwerp Aces. Gamevibes consultant confirms.

The Benelux based team Herr that placed 4th at Seanza's Amazing Gaming Event (SAGE) in the beginning of July, have been dealing with some lineup issues since then, first parting ways with Stefan "Guana" Geisler, as well as seeing the return and eventually departure of Claudio "solu" Giovanniello. In addition, Robert "mean" Kouters wanted to take a break from the game, which left the 3-man core searching for 2 new players.

After having found those replacements in Abdelfahid "VATO" Bouddount and Richard "haxion" Robberse a few weeks ago, the team is looking to continue their history of good results, currently competing in both the CGinvite league, as well as the ClanBase EuroCup.

Today we're receiving reports that the team has joined up with the Belgian based organization Antwerp Aces. The Herr side have already changed their team name on their ClanBase profile. Furthermore, Steven Vander Paelt, a consultant working for Gamevibes, the company behind Antwerp Aces, confirmed the rumor on twitter with the following comment; "soon to be official"

The new Anterwerp Aces CoD4 team is expected to be:

Robby "pazazu" Kraai
Senne "sEnzaj<3" Michoel
Jelle "pr0phecy" Monen
Richard "haxion" Robberse
Abdelfahid "VATO" Bouddount

Whether team manager Sean "Seanza" McDougall will be following the team to Aces is yet to be confirmed. We will of course bring you an update once the news is official.

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