AETAS Becomes Regez

After a relatively successful ADROITS, the AETAS team has decided to jump ship in search of more lucrative pastures

Finishing second in Group C behind LowLandLions is good news for an up and coming team, but in many ways remains vastly unimpressive. The only team besides LLL that was supposed to make an impact on that group was Search.Org, and rather disappointingly they played significantly below the standard that was required of them. But AETAS still had to beat three teams to get through to the playoff rounds and they did exactly that.

After the LAN it seems that they have been able to find an organisation willing to provide financial and emotional support, and the organisation in question is Regez Gaming. The team representing Regez is as follows:

Remy "jojooo" Hendrix
Willem "WillRR" Breuls
Lars "Rufuze" van Elderen
Yannick "daRKY" Noblesse
Tom "Strove" Keyen

Willem 'WillRR' Breuls had this to say about the move:

"Being in Aetas was fun, but gaming became a serious business and we had to spend our hard-earned money on LAN-parties. We preferred to get some support, and a manager that actually cared enough to ask us how things went and so on. Me and my teammates are very happy to have found a home in Regez and will wear its tag with pride."

Best of luck to the team, we hope they go from strength to strength in the upcoming months.

Regez Gaming website
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