TCM-Gaming confirm new lineup

After months of speculation, TCM-Gaming finally confirm their new CoD4 lineup that includes one of Europe's finest snipers; Chris 'Blackmane' Kinnair.

TCM-Gaming.cod4 where forced to find new players after loosing two long serving members Johan ’miRACLE’ Gärtner and Hampus ’mySn<3’ Karlsson, aswell as their most recent addition, Robin ’robyYe’ Swaters. mySn had reportedly quit playing, robyYe is currently playing for and miRACLE is rumored to join FnaticMSI in the near future.

The remaining two TCM players Adam 'Mumma' Timle-Händel and Roe 'froz' Langaas went searching for new players and found Andreas "azeo" Westerlund, who was last seen playing for XAYA. Furthermore, Italian national and former OX.Enermax player Michele "skkiNN" Mancini has been added, aswell as legendary sniper Chris "Blackmane" Kinnair.

The new lineup was not exactly a secret to anyone, as the players have been playing together and competing online for quite some time now. Due to various reasons however, nothing has been officially announced until now.

The now complete TCM-Gaming.cod4 lineup is:

Adam 'Mumma' Timle-Händel
Roe 'froz' Langaas
Andreas 'azeo' Westerlund
Michele 'skkiNN' Mancini
Chris 'Blackmane' Kinnair

TCM-Gaming General Manager Craig Walker had the following to say about the new team:

Although changes to our team have been widely speculated and rumoured for some time, I am happy to finally confirm these changes today. It was not easy to replace Hampus, Johan and Robin, which is one of the main reasons why this announcement has been so drawn out. I firmly believe that we have acquired the best possible replacements, and as a result once again posses a team that can go on and place highly at all future events. You can see the guys make their debut together at this weekends insomnia43 event in the UK. Make sure you check back here for live coverage and media ofcourse!

Adam 'Mumma' Timle-Händel followed up with the this statement:

A long time has gone since we saw TCM.CoD4 on the battlefield. We have during this time done some major lineup changes. First of all we say goodbye to Robin after a short period of time together with him and we wish him the best of luck in his new team. We also part ways with Hampus and Johan two players that I have played with for almost two years. We have had some great moments and have become very good friends. I wish both the very best of luck.

Me and froz have been working hard to find suitable replacements and think we have find the perfect mix between young and hungry with old and routined. Bringing in probably one of the most recognized players in the scene Blackmane together with young and talented swede in azeo. Last but not least we got the craziest Italian we could find in skiNNN. We are really looking forward to attending iSeries this up'n'coming weekend.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Mad Catz, Cooler Master, Cyborg Gaming, Tritton, Multiplay and our managers for all the support.

TCM-Gaming official announcement
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