HIGHsens to join Online Kingdom? - Confirmed

After a short stay with Next Evolution, the ex-PowerGaming Champions and top European CoD4 team seem to have found a new home in Online Kingdom.

There has been quite some speculation as of late, regarding the future of ex-Nevo / ex-PowerGaming champions that currently go by the temporary team name HIGHsens.

After being released from PowerGaming back in May, the team thought they had found a new permanent home in Next Evolution, but soon after decided to leave the organisation after rumours that a key member of the NEVO management had dissapeared without a trace, and the organisation subsequently folding.

The 2010 Antwerp eSports Festival Champions celebrating

In a scene where professional and financially stable organisations seem far and few between, it looks like HIGHsens have managed to find a new home in Online Kingdom, who currently have teams in other games such as CS:S, HoN and DotA.

Erik ''FrosteR'' van den Biggelaar and Online Kingdom have both stated through their social media accounts that they will be making an announcement around 20 CET tonight - something we don't expect to be pure coinsidence.

If the reports we have recieved prove to be true, the new Online Kingdom.cod4 team will be:

Jan "paradox" Duchon
Lubomír "Luboshmir" Pešák
Petr "king" Elbogen
Erik "Froster" van den Biggelaar
Nick "toxjee" Hol


Precisely as expected, Online Kingdom have announced HIGHsens as their new CoD4 team.

Managing Director Guilherme Fraga had the following to say about their new team

"For the first time in the Kingdom's history we now welcome five excellent Call of Duty players. Although we are aware that COD4 isn't a mainstream game like Counter-Strike, for many years the scene/players and the fans have been showing a level of maturity that is more and more rare (sadly) nowadays in eSports. On top of that we know that all of you COD4 fans are trully committed with the teams you support. We hope to be one of those! The truth is that we approached these guys shortly after PowerGaming released them, but unfortunately we weren't able to sign them. Today is therefore a great moment of joy as we sign one of the best teams in their field, with the hope that they can bring us much respect and results in one of the communities I respect the most"

Jan "paradox" Duchon followed up with this statement:

"The team will see the first event under the OK tag at the Grunex Lan in Prague at the start of september. After that we will of course try to attend every major event in Europe. After playing a few weeks under the temporary name highsens, we have managed to find a new home - Online Kingdom. We are really happy that we could join OK after the weird stuff around Next-Evolution. We wish you keep supporting us in OK! Thank you!"
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