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We got a chance to sit down with LowLandLions star SMG player Jasko 'cozje' Berbic, who shares a few thoughts on the game and the team he plays for.

Hi Jasko, thanks for taking the time to doing this interview. You've made quite a name for yourself in the CoD4 scene, particularly over the past year or so. For those who might still be unfamiliar with you, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what got you into playing CoD4 in the first place?

Whatsup, I'm Jasko Berbic most known as cozje in-game. I am 20years old and I’m living my life in Ghent City, Belgium. Currently playing CoD4 Promod for LowLandLions. Well it’s a very long story but I’ll try explaining it short, I started playing CS1.5 in an Internet Club because all my friends went there after school and I kinda got addicted to the competition at the club. I was always very competitive and tactical in the game and I never had problems with aim or movement. Some say I was a natural talent some say I’m crazy. It’s like I was made for PC gaming ;D. So I got myself a PC at home and Half Life + cs1.6 but as time passed by and the summer came closer my friends quit the game and gone back to skateboarding and I got dragged with them. I kept playing Cs1.6 at night and when I had free time until my brother bought Call of Duty (november 2003), saw him play and I directly fell in love with the game. Played CoD1 & CoD2 with a group of friends and e-friends had some clans but never competed in tournaments or LANs. 2006/2007 I broke my foot badly and my elbow was smashed so I decided to take a break for a little while and focus on gaming. By that time CoD4 came out and that became my hobby instead. So now my hobby is to play with my team and I only skate when its weekend or when I’m on vacation with friends. Long story short ;).

Apart from being an SMG player, you are known for being quite fond of the deagle, as seen in quite a few frag movies and highlight clips - recently we've seen some debate on whether the deagle should be nerfed or not. Some people argue that the deagle is in fact quite overpowered. What is your view on this topic?

Well back at PAM4 mod the SMG was a great weapon you could kill people from far range and close range, since that got nerfed the only option to kill from far range with a SMG was the Deagle. So I kinda got my own way for dealing with long range and I can tell you it’s not that simple as it may look on the videos. It might be abet strong for a pistol but I don't think nerfing the gun will make the game any better. Removing the Red Dots on the mini map is more what I like. I think if we would do that it will show the difference between Top teams and normal teams very quick. Communications & Teamplay will be a majority in-game.

You recently played in the second Vita Nova CoD4 All-star Show match - a match that featured a new custom map currently in beta, called mp_hideout. What where your thoughts on the map for competitive play and are there any other maps that you'd like to see added to the current map pool, like mp_cluster or mp_marketcenter?

I think mp_hideout is not ready for competitive play because you have too much going on the map, everything is so close to each other, I mean you spawn and 2 seconds later you will find yourself in combat with an enemy SMG. I do like to see Mp_Marketcenter in the map pool anytime soon! The map just feels CoD4 all the way, you spawn you get time to nade and decide where to go. Although it is in need of some fixes but I’m sure the map maker is doing his best to make the map work. I would also like to see a CS map to work for CoD4 I’m sure that is possible. Germaine is making his own sort of mp_nuke on paper, hope he finds some good people who will take their time to make the map.

cozje with all his fans watching him play, during a sponsor shootout

In March your team parted ways with ButtonBashers, but back then you guys wouldn't go into any detail on why you had to leave. Your Managing Director at the time claimed it was "different mindsets between the team and the organization" that sent you looking for a new home. Care to shed some light on why you guys actually left?

We had a great time in ButtonBashers, We put a lot of faith into BBashers and Els when we joined the organisation, and while Gamersject was a great success not just for us as our first LAN, but also for the organisation. Unfortunately, while Robin and Els both put in a great deal of effort hunting down potential sponsor deals, we weren't able to find the necessary funding for any future LANs and subsequently parted ways.

Unlike other top teams that are currently struggling, you guys managed to find a new home in LowLandLions, an organization that has previously been represented by a highly successful CoD4 team. Can you tell us what it's like playing for LLL, and what the organization means to you as a player?

Playing for LowLandLions is kinda like a Dream Come True for me, because as a Benelux player I’ve always looked up to the organization and the players they had like Joepoe, doekoe, Stickypee, Stevy, etc. A good organization like LowLandLions means a lot! They treat players like professionals and the management is great. LLL compared with all the other organizations I've been in is a big improvement to my way of looking into "Professional Gaming ".

Can you tell us more about your team, who has what roles and how often you guys play/practice to stay on top of your game?

My team is made of 2 legendary players and 2 upcoming stars, I’m not sure what I’m doing here! well of course germaine plays ak and ono scopes, the rest of us switch up between ak smg depending on the map or side or opponent, but most people know that i guess. We don't have a one man leader in the team but if i have to pick it would be Choobie & Germaine that try to say stuff to improve our attacks / defense. Next to that we have myself and ono to keep the mood in the team up ^^. We're playing from monday till Thursday 8pm till 1am max Friday & the weekends we like to have free for the girls and stuff ;). When we have a LAN coming We try to practise as much as we can, means the girls need to find something els to do in the weekends ;D.

cozje with his SMG idol and sexiest gamer alive; miRACLE

Unfortunately we haven't seen your team play at any LAN events for a while, partially due to personal commitments. What has kept your team together and motivated to play during this period of LAN-inactivity?

Hmm, we weren’t that motivated not so long ago with not much being announced and nothing to play for. We also couldn’t play because of school exams. But we're good friends and I don't see any reason why one of us should leave the team. We took a little break until choobie finished his final exams and that break did us good!

LLL.cod4 is currently signed up to play at the upcoming Adroits CoD4 Masters event, followed by the MSI Grunex European LAN. How prepared are you guys for these events, and how well do you think you'll do?

That’s Right SANN! Our last LAN together was the Gamersject in Croatia and we've learned so much from that LAN. We've got our communication and team play worked up, we have a great atmosphere in the team. We are more prepared then the time before Gamersject that’s one thing for sure ;). With the greatest respect to the other sides, we’re aiming to finish in first place.

With rumors of an ESH League in the making, and the CyberGamer Leagues soon to be launched, will we see LLL participating in these online tournaments as well?

Yes! I'm pretty sure David (ono) will sign us up at any upcoming online tournament. Hope the dates and timings will be good.

Thanks for your time, Jasko. Any final words before we finish?

It was my pleasure Mr. Bach. I want to thank LowLandLions and their sponsors, Puretrak, Sennheiser, EAsports, Western Digital, and MSi for the awesome support we get and a special thanks to all my fans who follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Peace out ;).

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