Vazy Joins WHO?

WHO? was quick to snap up the recently returned French star, a move that should solidify their position as a 'Dark Horse' element for any and all upcoming tournaments.

A position in the WHO? team was presented to the ex-H2k and TCM-Gaming player thanks to Paul "TAYYY" Kellermann's dubious decision to quit the team and join up with infamous CoD4 'star' Dennis "Plotsch" Diehle. Fortunately for WHO? they were not a man short for very long as Marc "vazy" Berthold stepped in to plug the gap. Fortuitous indeed considering the superiority of the replacement, and this can mean only good things for the predominantly German lineup.

WHO? will now be preparing for any events scheduled for later this summer, and will also be on the lookout for a suitable organisation to help fund their endeavours. The team roster as of now stands as:

Kevin "lopezz" Munder
Marco "DUFFY" Mayer
Miles "miles" Rauch
Patrick "PATZ" Peuler
Marc "vazy" Berthold

Patrick "PATZ" Peuler released the following statement to regarding the status of the team in light of the recent recruitment of Marc "vazy" Berthold:

"Finally! We found our new 5th. I saw the newspost about vazy on TEK9 and contacted him immediately. So we started playing a few matches and everything felt comfortable. The great thing is that vazy is able to understand german so there is no language barrier. So the last thing we have to fix is an organization. We still need one and we wanna attend adroit so bad. It would be enough to pay entrance fee. So feel free to contact us =)"

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2:12pm 10/8/11
RS bmzye

sick pickup tho

12:31am 10/8/11
NO zappie.

this should be interesting :>

9:14pm 9/8/11
KR rikkz


10:07am 9/8/11
NL zondvloed

who joins who??

4:22pm 8/8/11
GB alpha222

gd pickup gl guys

8:15pm 7/8/11
US Ibex

nice pick up on vazy

6:53pm 7/8/11
DK Logek

so nice, congrats guys! good luck with the team & your search for an org!

6:04pm 7/8/11
DE miles.

ohyezzz boys

4:32pm 7/8/11
HR kwoz


4:08pm 7/8/11
MT mikk

gj leo! gl vazy and co.

3:52pm 7/8/11
HR brcho


3:08pm 7/8/11
DE MnstH

They could cause some real upsets, hope it works out in the long run.

2:57pm 7/8/11
BE sEnzaj

gl, sick team

2:52pm 7/8/11
GB cHoObiE3

gl good team :_)

1:59pm 7/8/11
GB Kexi

good pickup ul for tayy

1:34pm 7/8/11
DK z1n0

good luck

1:30pm 7/8/11
GB Shuya

good luck guys

1:16pm 7/8/11
CH Latino<3

gl boys

12:54pm 7/8/11
GB le0nidas

Sorry for the slow post my German friends, Tom Newman dropped the ball for a few days and expected me to do da work. lazy guy imo.

gl hf, good team.

12:51pm 7/8/11
BE layzz

Sick pickup.

TAYYY keeps joining/leaving teams :/ sup with that?

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