WinFakt lose Trigger

Due to Michael 'Trigger' Sowa's work commitments Team WinFakt has been forced to make a change, and it comes in the form of a familiar viking face....

After a relatively successful SAGE LAN, the WinFakt team was looking forward to a period of diminished activity before a sudden flurry of productivity in the weeks leading up to the next event on the horizon; ADROITS. Sadly it came to pass that Michael 'Trigger' Sowa was simply unable to commit to a playing schedule that would allow for any semblance of preparation for the event, and while the team was very sad to see him go; the fact of the matter is that they represent an organisation for whom results are important, and therefore a change needed to be made.

It didn't take long to locate the necessary replacement, which came in the form of Daniel 'Zenith' Johansen. Daniel had most recently been rumoured to have found a place in a team consisting of a number of past greats such as Alexander 'Knaller' Shulepov and Jamie 'Hysobe' Harrison. Other less well known or talented members of the team included Bob 'Supreme' Jansen. While this team may have eventually overcome its inherent flaws such as Bob 'Supreme' Jansen, it was clear to Zenith that the WinFakt offer was simply too good to pass up.

The WinFakt lineup as of now:

Leonidas 'le0nidas' Kyrkos
Mark 'Mark' Horner
Mark 'phantasy' Pinney
Kevin 'reflexzr' Klempera
Daniel 'Zenith' Johansen

Daniel had this to say to

Well after a few days of watching Bob lose continuously to Hysobe and an assortment of mid-skilled bots in QuakeLive it became clear to me that I should be looking elsewhere for a suitably talented team. Fortune favoured me almost immediately when I was contacted by Mark 'Sherman' Horner of Team WinFakt who offered me a place in the lineup to replace Trigger. I was happy to oblige as I had been looking for any and all opportunities to join Leo's team again after our infuriatingly short but sweet time together under the 'Abrasive' tag. I am looking forward to attending ADROITS in a couple of weeks, it should be a good event.

The WinFakt team wishes Michael the best of luck in his work endeavours and will seek to make him proud at the upcoming events.

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