Refuse vs crc`| LIVE | Tuesday 02/08

It's going to be an action packed evening as you can tune in to tonight's Preinvite Qualifier Finals at 18.30 CEST before heading over to the talkshow at 20:00CEST

Last week we witnessed an impressive performance by [b]Refuse as they strode past their Benelux counterparts AETAS in the latter stages of the game on stream and then went on to take a 2-1 BO3 victory over Silesia.[/b]

Yet while much of the attention has been placed on Refuse's dominance in recent days, little has been said of tonight's opponents crc`, short for Team Crocodile.

For the oldies or Australian readers amongst us, it is unknown where the Russian's acquired their name from, possibly aspiring to the movie great 'Crocodile' Dundee. The more plausible answer however is that they consider themselves reptilian in nature.

Nevertheless they have made it to the final with consummate ease, bar an opening dog fight with the Croatians unr, they managed to defeat the LAN experienced REGret before taking a 2-0 win over Elysium. With these victories in the bag and very little mentioned of them prior to the start of the tournament, they should surely be seen as underdogs and possible dark horses to take the win over Refuse tonight.

The winner of this tie will book themselves a preinvite spot and a CGm league spot in the upcoming introductory Cybergamer VN League season.

The losers, will face either Elysium or Silesia, in the final match of the tournament to decide who will take that final, lucrative, preinvite and CGm placing.

Team Refuse

Mike "northzor" Kovbuz
Tomas "zimbo" Ziembinski
Michal "niska" Nisser
Onrej "cero" Konecny
Jan "dramf" Dolezel

Team Crocodile

Alexey "ace" Kazakov
Alexey "kenzo" Martynov
Vadim "Bersel" Pasynkov
Stas "m0w" Naidyonov
Vasily "def" Leshenko

Find the stream LIVE tonight, Tuesday 02/08 at 18.30CEST by clicking here followed by the VN talk show at 20:00CEST

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Team Refuse
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