VN Talkshow & Showmatch LIVE this week

Vita Nova serve up another double dosage of entertainment for us as we delve into hard talk followed by a showcasing of mp_hideout

Tonight, Tuesday 02/08 at 20:00CEST you'll be able to tune in to another hard-talk session where influential community members will deliberating CoD4's decline, revival, potential and more.

Unfortunately Richard "Gonzo" Lewis and Leonidas "leo" Kyrkos cannot make tonights show but will be present in the next episode. We've luckily found a replacement in Bob "Brcbo" van den Voorde.

So, join Dennis "Mennace" Fick with his guest stars Bob "Bcrbo" van den Voorde, Jamie "z1n0", Bach and Adam "Mumma" Timle-Handel for an hour and a half of intellectual discussion followed by a questions and answers round.

Bob "Brcbo" van den Voorde, Editor in Chief at, is known for his articulate writing ability, host of fantastic articles and insight into e-sports, while Jamie "z1n0" Bach is an enthusiastic long time supporter of the CoD4 community, recently taking up a position within Vita Nova but known mainly for his time as manager for the Danish e-sports team Roskilde Ravens.

Adam "Mumma" Timle-Handel of TCM Gaming, needs no introduction as he prepares to voice his views on CoD4's current plight.

At the end of the first hour you'll be able to ask the pros questions by posting in this forum thread, which will be unlocked closer to the time.

But wait, there's more, on Thursday 04/08 at 21:30CEST a host of star players from top CoD4 teams will battle it out on mp_hideout, the map chosen by you, the community followed by the stock map mp_citystreets.

Both captains and their respective scopes, will begin the match by knifing their counterparts. The winners will have first pick of the remaining players in a procedure reminiscent of primary school sport sessions.

The All-Star Teams are as follows:

Team 1
Thomas "cHoObie" Mead - LowLandLions Captain
Dávid "Stormy" Fézler - Anexis

Team 2
Erik "Froster" van den Biggelaar - Who? Captain
Chris "Kex" Tuck - Team-Infused

Remaining sortie:
Jasko "Cozje" Berbic - LowLandLions
Johan "miRACLE" Gartner
Roe "froz" Langaas TCM-Gaming
Christan " kaTana " Hofmann - Phantasmagoria
Michele "skkiNN" Mancini - TCM-Gaming
Ville "Replan" Ijäs - teaM2K

Don't miss what is lining up to be an exciting week in store for CoD4.

You'll be able to catch both the talk show and show match, LIVE on MennaceFPS by clicking here.

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