FnaticMSI Look For A miRACLE - Report

Its been a while since FnaticMSI's Call of Duty team have made the headlines. With an almost non-existent on-line presence and a recent string of lacklustre performances, the community seemed to have lost hope in the former number one team.

FnaticMSI, the former number one team of 2010, claiming numerous golds at The eXperience, i37, SteelSeries Esports Challenge and not to mention, the Crossfire Intel Challenge 7, looked to have had world domination at the tips of their fingers. Even so, after rumours of motivational issues and future job prospects it seemed FnaticMSi were beginning to show signs of weakness in and outside the game.

FnaticMSI taking gold in Denmark

Following an unusual poor performance at the Antwerp Esports Festival, the all Scandinavian FnaticMSI had finally bit the bullet and decided it was time for change. Waving goodbye to the team was long serving member Marcus "odyx" Nilsson as well as Norwegian allstar Daniel "zEnith" Johansen allowing room for British pedigree duo Jonathan "Raz" Baker and Christopher "Lighters" Lightburn. Under this new multinational lineup, the team looked to regain the FnaticMSI glory of old and showcase their new strength at the Gamersject Winter Challenge 4. Despite their attempts, FnaticMSI fell to the continuously rising strength of Swedish sister team TCM, and therefore dictating when this fairy tale came to an end. With FnaticMSI taking a disappointing 4th place in Zagreb, the team returned back home and slowly drifted off the radar.

However, today at CyberGamer we hear reports of a FnaticMSI looking to pull itself up from the grave and break back into the scene with an interesting change behind its resurrection. The reported change see's another member of the core team wave goodbye to the scene in the form of none other than Johan "LiNQAN" Lindqvist, but at the same time welcoming back the community favourite, Johan "miRACLE" Gärtner. For the first time ever, we see a FnaticMSI team swapping one swede for another in what looks to be a hopeful attempt to keep its scandanavian roots.

As it stands the proposed FnaticMSI team is:

Conney "[b]Kyochi[/b]" Sjöberg
Johan "miRACLE" Gärtner
Christopher "Lighters" Lightburn
Jonothan "Raz" Baker
Stevy "Stevy" Verheyen

Stick around for more updates as this story develops.
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