Epsilon fold? - Report

It is understood by sources close to CG that Epsilon's CoD4 team has folded.

It is to our great surprise that we have been unofficially informed that Epsilon's CoD4 team folded this evening. Earlier this week it was reported that Myles "myzz" Cahill had left Epsilon in search for more enjoyable pastures, and that he had perhaps found the right team for himself with some of his former teammates. With their scope Darnall "DESZTON" Brumond being on vacation the team have had to play with one extra player alongside a trial player, making evening practice sessions somewhat of a hassle. And having removed their organization tags on XFire, it is all but certain that the three remaining active players have taken a majority-based decision of calling it quits.

The remaining four players of the team were:

Darnall "DESZTON" Brumond
Abdel "VATO" Bouddount
Dimitry "delroo" Decan
Sanjay "caesiuM" Gambhir

This news comes with great disbelief as the men from PLAYZONE had originally merged with the Antwerp Aces lineup in order to maintain better sets of results as well as more stability. As ironic as this may sound, the fully Belgian equipped lineup of "The Aces" placed 5th-8th in the final standings over at Outpost on Fire 4 earlier this year in April (and had podium placements at every regional event within BeNeLux for almost 8 months). Yet, they felt the urge to remove Randy "soOSEL" Deveijver as well as his cousin Davy "prekii" Spens so that they could make the long awaited change and take on two of the Brits from PLAYZONE.

Seeming stronger than ever, the new lineup was tipped to make a real impact on the top ten of Europe with some good results coming their way. Debuting at SAGE LAN, they failed to impress but placed a respectable 5th-8th in the final standings (narrowly losing out to the Czech-Polish hybrid of eSuba). Furthermore, "The Aces" had played together for over nine months in stark contrast to the Epsilon lineup that survived a little under three months. The question thus remains whether the entrance of the British duo was a catalyst for disaster, or whether it was simply an unfortunate turn of events that had made the team decide enough was enough.

The Antwerp Aces team playing at E-Series #2, Weesp, Netherlands

Despite no public statement being made by the organization as of yet, we believe that the team has stopped playing with each other to pursue their own interests, thus parting ways. Both Dimitry "delroo" Decan and Sanjay "caesiuM" Gambhir will most likely be taking a break for the remainder of the summer months , whilst Abdel "VATO" Bouddount is rumoured to be considering moving back to a fully BeNeLux based lineup. It is unknown what Darnall "DESZTON" Brumond is planning for himself. Perhaps this means the return of the Antwerp Aces?

No player was available for comment.
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