CyberGamer Open Ladder Goes Live!

CG: Open Ladder LIVE!

For years the Call of Duty community have been crying out for something to replace the retched Clanbase ladder system and today we can proudly announce that at CyberGamer we have done just that. Sticking true to its name, the CyberGamer Call of Duty Open ladder and CyberGamer TURBO Ladder (more casual) is open to everyone and anyone and can be easily accessed in four quick and easy steps:
  • Create a team
  • Add five registered CyberGamer accounts to that team
  • Ensure that each member has Speed Link Anti-Cheat (SLAC) ready to use
  • Add team to the ladder
To ensure the ladder is run fairly and efficiently, we will be enforcing the use of Speed Link Anti-Cheat (SLAC) which can be found here. SLAC is easy to use and can be setup in minutes, below is a quick guide on how to get the software up and running in no time:

How to run SLAC:
  1. Register on this SLAC site here
  2. Activate the account
  3. Copy your unique SLAC ID and paste it in the SLAC ID box on your CyberGamer profile
  4. Go to the downloads section on top of the site and download the Windows client
  5. Find the "SLAC - COD4" shortcut in start -> programs -> SPEEDLINK ANTICHEAT
  6. Enter your username and password
  7. Press the login button
  8. Press the Browse button and locate iw3mp.exe in your COD4 install dir
  9. Enter the match ID provided by CyberGamer into the match id field on SLAC
  10. Press the Start the game button

For more information on the rules of the ladder, click here
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