The Power of Cybergamer

The Future of CoD4?

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CoD4 has been a troubled beast over the last two years, and the last few months have been no different. There is an extent to which the emergence of Vita-Nova represented little more than an 'eye of the storm' moment for the game's competitive community. Grand suggestions were made; companies were registered and cautious optimism was re-established as a legitimate paradigm for the denizens of tek-9. Since then the only tangible accomplishment seems to be the establishment of rather ambiguously successful IRC channels aimed at providing a tiered system to the process of locating a suitably competitive practice match. These channels have caused their fair share of controversy but in general can be said to have adequately fulfilled their purpose, no system is perfect and Vita-Nova and the admins representing the organisation have pumped a lot of effort into the scheme.

Sadly there are more complicated matters standing between CoD4 and a return to competitive greatness than the inability to find games against equally skilled teams. These problems are fairly numerous and a decent portion of them can potentially be solved to greater or lesser extents by the acceptance of a new community platform, i.e. Cybergamer. I will here give a brief insight into the benefits of the Cybergamer system and then perhaps go into greater detail later in the article or perhaps in future articles.
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