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Submitted 9h 15m ago. by matthew
Submitted 16h 28m ago. by Mental1sT
Submitted 5:31am 1/10/14. by Vizzion NRG
Clutching god is so bad at ghosts by he thinks he's good Read more
Submitted 11:06pm 30/9/14. by Maxware93
wow this seems like a surprise hit.. i always thought this would get a 8.0 but pretty much every reviewer is giving it a 9+.. will have to get it ? Read more
Submitted 8:35pm 30/9/14. by Bennysimm
Please support my latest video, along with tomorrows upload(8AM) i will be doing a short series of WickedAce. Read more
Submitted 19h 9m ago. by Bennysimm
Was one of the best experience playing these guys in a wager, their professionalism was something to admire. Thanks for the game guys! Read more
Submitted 11:21pm 30/9/14. by vReleaseHD
Hey everyone just letting u know oPodzy who hosts ODC on COD Ghosts is a dosser. After the ODC we just played he was shit talking then tried to ddoss me and NT Tangy. Informing you to socialise with him or play in competitions against him. He is a bad sport an... Read more
Submitted 2:57pm 29/9/14. by ReloadedChaos
EA Severs for FIFA 15 are currently down, or experiencing issues. It is happening to me and others as we speak. Read more
Submitted 4:37am 29/9/14. by wizYq
Submitted 3:45pm 26/9/14. by Scarffyy
Submitted 6:28pm 27/9/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 3:02pm 24/9/14. by Zoqwa
Submitted 2:35pm 25/9/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 12:16am 24/9/14. by Malefic
What's a better processor AMD or intel? Not really the computer expert pretty much clueless Read more
Submitted 9:45pm 24/9/14. by <FiSH><
Official Ghosts ODC Registration for PS3 - 28th Sept. 2014 Hosted by ZytexIV. Information: 28th Sept. (AEST) 10AM (Sunday) 4v4 Objectives. 4-8 players per team. Registration closed 27th Sept. Double Elimination All games are BEST of 5 except Grand Fi... Read more
Come Check Out Some Awesome Plays in bronze League Moving up the solo que Ranks In League of Legends!! Read more
Submitted 9:39pm 24/9/14. by Sharpy!
Submitted 6:26pm 24/9/14. by Rigzyyyyy
Someone host a ODC for black ops 2 it is good practice for Advance Warfare Read more
Submitted 5:12pm 22/9/14. by zoza
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