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The Last Stand 3
in PC: Call of Duty by d3do - Aug 26th 2015
Hello everyone,

I have been contacted by some potential sponsors for a new edition of the TLS lan. Have been asked about this numerous times before, however didn't really have the willpower or resources. Now, as the game is quite weakened again and needs a kick, and seeing that I might have some energy for this again since there is no baby on the way after a while :), I am considering doing a big TLS3 lan in March of 2016.

I am writing this to get some sort of discussion going and mainly a good feel for the interest level under the given conditions. That is before any sort of official announcement or decision is made. We are currently researching the costs, venue, technical, and other organisational details and based on all that plus the interest from teams an offical decision will be made in the next few weeks. Therefore, do not regard this as a done deal as of yet, however we will give our best and any help that we can get from the community might push us towards a positive decision to run the lan.

What we have in mind at this moment:

When: 26.-27.3.2016
Where: Zagreb, Croatia (no other place has a big community any more and can promise more teams, we will not consider a different location)
How much to enter: 200 Euro per team (all of the money will go into prizepot and lan costs)
Teams: 16-32, TUP
Rules: TLS standard, special TLS3 mod, maps: Burgundy, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane, + 1 custom (tbc which one)
Lan crew:
d3do (head admin)
miss (head of tournament crew, 2 more people to be chosen to be with him)
Jay (head of tech crew, will have 2 more of his people with him)
dOlby (sponsorships and hardware support)
Potential partners of TLS3: Cybergamer, Tomorrowlan
Stream: trying to get in touch with Rikkz

Now, we have already spoken with some people and these teams have confirmed some sort of interest so far:
[IMG][/IMG] Gunrunners
[IMG][/IMG] ephix
[IMG][/IMG] critical
[IMG][/IMG] iPlay
[IMG][/IMG] msC
[IMG][/IMG] rettan
[IMG][/IMG] superkids
[IMG][/IMG] gonewild
[IMG][/IMG] unexpected
[IMG][/IMG] Arcane

So, please let us know if you and/or your team would be interested in attending to be added to the list and post if you are able to help out in any way - we are currently trying to secure PC sponsorship/lending, a venue in Zagreb (any ideas are welcome), furniture, pre-tournament and on-site help (heads and hands) and many more things. The feedback and the complexity/cost of the entire operation will decide the final decision about the lan, to be announced in the next few weeks.

Thanks in advance for your support and feedback!

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[LAN] CoD4 Brussels 2 GROUPS
in PC: Call of Duty by Hiaeex - Aug 10th 2015
Groups will be annouced By Rikk 11-08-2015 8:00pm on

PC Specifications (80 PCs):
Intel i7 4770 (3.4 Ghz)
12 Gb DDR3 Memory
Nvidia Geforce GTX 770
Windows 8
Benq XL2411T 24" Widescreen 144Hz (65/80)

Tournament Structure:
Group Stage , (Every team will advance to the brackets)
Playoffs - Upper Bracket (BO3), Lower Bracket (BO1 MR15)
Grand Final (BO5)

You can find more details about this event by clicking "Read more".

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COD4 Weekly Tournament Schedule
in PC: Call of Duty by MARC - Jul 30th 2015
Hello everyone, now that the tournament system has been tested last Sunday. We've sorted out a new tournament schedule for Call of Duty 4.

For now the schedule is:
- EU COD4 5v5 Sunday Tournament (€ 2,50 Entry fee per player)
- EU COD4 5v5 Tuesday Free Tournament (Free)
- EU COD4 2v2 Wednesday Tournament (€ 2,50 Entry fee per player)
- EU COD4 2v2 Saturday Late Tournament (Free)

The schedule will be updated and soon there will be pretty much every evening a tournament. All the details are provided within the Tournament(s). Once a Tournament doesn't reach the required teams it will be Cancelled. (Entry fees will be automatically refunded) When a Tournament is completed it will move to Past Tournaments, 2-3 days after completing the Tournament it will be auto-created for the same day and time.

For the tournaments with Entry fee it is also possible to pay for the whole team.

Good luck & Have fun playing these Tournaments! Any suggestions/feedback would be great.

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CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!
in PC by miss - Jul 26th 2015
After several months of waiting, a new version of CyberGamer Anti-Cheat has finally arrived.

The client has been rewritten from scratch, with aim to portability and extended user interface. Support for Windows XP is back as well. It should work on every operating system since Windows XP SP3, including the same. Supported games are:
- Call of Duty 1
- Call of Duty 2
- Call of Duty 4
- Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Click "Read More" to find out all most recent news about CGAC.

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COD4 5v5 Sunday Tournament - 100€ Prize Pool
in PC: Call of Duty by MARC - Jul 23rd 2015
Hello everyone, as some of you might have noticed Asterix built a proper tournament system that's been running on the AU site for about a week. It's now up to us to test this system! For now this system seems promising and i want to thank @Asterix for his effort on this!

Tournament info:
Join the tournament here! -->Sunday Tournament
Rules! --> Call of Duty 4 5v5 ladder rules

Format: Single Elimination (double not available yet)
Mod: Promod_mode match_mr12_knife
Maps: mp_backlot, mp_citystreets, mp_crash, mp_crossfire, mp_strike
**Maps chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match
Entry fee per player: Free
Prize Pool: €100.00
Maximum teams allowed: 32
Teams required: 8 (Auto cancelled if this is not reached)
Players per team: 5
Subs allowed per team (optional): 2

Click on "Read more" for additional details.

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CoD2 Demowatchers needed!
in PC: Call of Duty by miss - Jul 20th 2015
Given the current situation with the anticheat, in last couple of months we received a huge amount of timestamps that needs to be watched.

This is one of the most time consuming jobs we currently have so please only apply if you are interested for it and can separate significant amount of time for watching demos - it roughly takes from 30 minutes up to 2 hours to make a verdict on set of timestamps. By doing this you will get insight to confidential informations inside democrew, preferably open path and prove yourself to the admins for when next admin recruits happen and what is most importantly, you will be helping out community. We even added some awards, but more about that when and if you get in.

Click on "Read more" to see what we expect from demowatchers and how to apply.

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Official Xfire replacement: evolve!
in PC: Call of Duty by vioqor - Jun 18th 2015
Hey guys!

Xfire is going down, as we all know. Apparently it is taking a little longer than expected but I think it wont be long now till its gone. I have have tried out various possible replacements (Steam, GSC, Raptr, Evolve, Playfire)

And my conclusion is that the only program that can successfully replace Xfire is Evolve!

- It supports CoD2/CoD4, so you can see when someone is playing and you have in-game chat
- It is very easy to create an account and add people
- You can create a custom status, such as 'mix me' or '5v5 cg' etc
- Program seems fairly lightweight, less heavy than raptr anyways
- The layout is great, everything is easy to find and it looks great
- You can (or at least could) import your Xfire friends (steam as well btw) and you could even import your old Xfire game data etc!

Get Evolve here:

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[CoD4] CyberGamer Amateur CoD4 Season 12 - LI...
in PC: Call of Duty by MARC - May 25th 2015
After having a big loss in the amount of active players and stable teams. We want to show you our new format of CGa. The big idea behind this is to make a more serious ladder for teams. To give teams more resistance and practice for the up-coming Brussels LAN. This also means we want to try the BO3 system. The team who wins 13 rounds will win the map. The CG system will generate the maps as usual. The CGo ladder will be refreshed and still open for mix teams. The CGo ladder is a perfect way to test your new player(s) and if you found a stable line up, feel free to sign up for the CGa ladder. You can find ladder infos by clicking on "Read More".

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CyberGamer CoD1 S&D Night Cups Announced!
in PC: Call of Duty by dream - May 4th 2015
We are happy to announce CyberGamer's first Call of Duty 1 S&D Night Cup. With our ladders now fully in motion, we have decided to bring in night cups for this game.

Our first cup will be for CoD1 5v5 S&D (all weapons) so you will need 5 members to form your team.You can use your existing team if you are playing in our CoD1 S&D Ladder.

The competition will take place on Sunday 10th May and all details can be found below or in the event page

Call of Duty 1 SD Night Cup #1 (LINK)

*Please click above link to go to signup page and select Join Tournament. Signups begin right away on a first come first serve basis so please sign up asap if your team will compete. Please remember to read all rules on the event page to avoid any issues when it comes to the cup process and matches.

Please note we will also look to host a night cup for CoD1 RO the following week for those interested in playing rifles only , but feel free to take part in this one in the meantime.

General Information

Cup admins: dream, Nervvv, razRRuk, RYLZ
Tournament date: Sunday, 10th May 2015.
Number of slots: 16
Start time: 19:00 CET
Format: Single elimination
Teamsize: 5v5
Gametype: S&D
pam_mode: mr12 (12 rounds per side, first to 13 wins)
Map list: same as ladder
Match rules: A team wins the match when they reach 13 rounds. If the score is 12-12 - overtime is to be played and the pam_mode must be changed to eumr3. In this tournament our basic CoD1 S&D rules apply. Exceptions are map choices and pam_mode.


Round 1 - 19:00h CET - Best of One (BO1)
Round 2 - 20:00h CET - Best of One (BO1)
Semi finals - 21:00h CET - Best of One (BO1)
Grand final - 22:00h CET - Best of Three (BO3)

Additional Rules

NEW PAM v1.11 will be used on available cup servers (information to be provided)
Teams must have 5 players with registered CoD1 PB GUID and Veritas ID.
Veritas MUST be used
Maps will be decided through elimination.
Pistol bash will decide which team chooses to eliminates first
The last map remaining will be played.
Pistol bash will decide sides.
In the case of a 12-12 draw - pam_mode mr3 will be used until we have a winner.
Once the match is over, teams will have 10 minutes to request any veritas screenshots or demos. Teams must upload requested files before their next match begins. Admins will be available on IRC in case there are any issues.
Details of next match will be provided on IRC and on the updated tournament bracket page

In the case of BO3 finals teams will choose one map each. IF a third map is required, elimination will be used again.

Signup Process

Sign up stage will get closed 1 hour before the first round. Until then you can apply even if there are already 16 teams in awaiting pool, but your team will be treated as a backup and you won't know if you got into the cup until brackets are released. Before announcing the brackets, we will remove all the teams with 4 or less players, as well as all other teams that don't fulfill above requirements and replace them with backup teams on the list.

Matches will be automatically generated after we publish brackets. You will be able to speak with an opponent in match discussion page. Everyone should see the match in Notifications (after 19h CET).

Join Quakenet IRC channel: #cg.cod1 an hour before matches are due to start as we will verify whether the team is available to start and play the entire cup, otherwise we may replace the team if no contact can be made.


1st place gets 5x CyberGamer Premium Memberships for one month.

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CyberGamer homepage changes
in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Apr 29th 2015
Hello everyone, we've removed the "CG Wall" from the homepage and replaced it with an expanded news feed, similar to the previous versions of the site.

This is largely due to the wall not being used the way it was intended. The CG Wall was supposed to be the single part of the site that was shared across AU/EU and all of the platforms, unfortunately it doesn't appeared to have worked out. Most of the content is probably better suited to the forums.

No further wall posts will be allowed. For the meantime the existing posts can be found here. Will likely remove the archive entirely in the near future.

Let me know if you encounter any issues,


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Call of Duty 2 Nations Cup 2015 - Groups
in PC: Call of Duty by miss - Apr 29th 2015
After some forced delays, groups for first season of Call of Duty 2 Nations Cup are finally live! Check out against who's your nation playing by clicking "Read More".

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CyberGamer Open League Finals S1: ephix vs Gr...
in PC: Call of Duty by rikkz - Apr 22nd 2015
The very first Call of duty 2 Open League winter season 1 on CyberGamer is coming to a close, it started on December 21st with 40 teams competing against each other in the group stage. Now several months later, we finally have the grand final between the two titans ephix and Granted, as both teams went undefeated throughout the tournament we are going to be in for a right treat, as the game will be streamed live on Thursday 22 April 2015 at 21.30 CET.

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