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Watch out when you download "new anticheats"!

in PC: Call of Duty by head - Nov 27th 2015
Watch out when you download "new anticheats"! It came to our attention that there are some people out who create Anti-Cheat programs and promote them as new / clean and very good at catching cheaters. In reality however these programs are just simple malware programs with the sole purpose of stealing ur CD-key.

Never download and install a program if you do not trust the creator. In most cases these programs are used in unknown cups on excello or other platforms where users can create their own cups.

Quote from Head:
A good example of a dodgy cup:

The cup looks real, they explain the rules, explain how the anticheat works but if you take a closer look at the program itself you will see that its malware created to steal ur CD key. The cup itself is advertised as a Call of Duty 2 cup but the malware steals both COD2 and COD4 keys.

We aren't saying that you can't play a cup on excello on any other platform but when you do please be carefull that you don't install any dodgy software that could steal ur CD key.

Kind regards,
COD2 crew

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CGAC Banwave - November 2015

in PC by miss - Nov 22nd 2015
CGAC Banwave - November 2015 It has come to our attention for quite some time now that a lot of players are using different autoclickers / macro programs to take advantage in CoD2 and CoD4. Since last CGAC update a silent scan was implemented to detect users who use these programs and therefore gain unfair advantage over their opponents.

A three months match ban has been added to all of their accounts. Click "Read more" to check out the list of all players involved in this banwave.

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TLS3 Writer/Content Manager Wanted

in PC: Call of Duty by d3do - Nov 10th 2015
TLS3 Writer/Content Manager Wanted Hi everyone,
We are looking for someone with good English and interest in writing to join our lan team as the main writer and content manager. We would like this person to spearhead the pre-tournament content creation (including for example Team Introduction articles for all the paid teams and such), tournament reporting, and some sort of post summary.

If you would be interested, please PM me with your reasons, and we will choose one person or a team.

We need help with this, so hopefully someone good will come forward.

Thanks a lot!

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in PC: Call of Duty by d3do - Oct 27th 2015
TLS3 LAN ANNOUNCEMENT After much effort and negotiation, I am pleased to officially announce to you the highly anticipated return of the biggest and most famous Call of Duty 2 LAN series.

The Last Stand 3 powered by Warp Omega

When: 26.-27.3.2016, start at 8:30 both days
Where: Warp Omega Arena, capacity expanded to 40 PCs, exclusively for TLS3
Location: Karlovac, Croatia (only 50km from Zagreb, easy short trip by bus, train, or car), accommodation and transportation help available with admins in advance
Website: (in development)
Entry fee: 200 Euro per team (payments open on 1.1.2016, close one week before the lan, paypal and account details tbc - you will be able to send 100EUR to reserve a spot, but will have to send the rest latest one week in advnace - no payments at the venue and no refunds except in case of lan cancellation)
Teams: 16-32, TUP
Anticheat: TLSAC (new custom made anticheat software with the following features: macro detection, automatic config upload, silent aim detection, & other standard features)
Lan crew: d3do (head admin), miss, djov1, Luxx, Big, blueangel

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CGAC - Version 2.0.4 Released!

in PC by miss - Oct 8th 2015
CGAC - Version 2.0.4 Released! Month after last update was made, new CGAC version is available! Here are all changes interesting to public:
- Fixed ETPro screenshots.
- Fixed some issues where screenshots weren't uploaded and popped out errors instead.
- Fixed problem where players not having drive C:/ didn't send any screenshots to the site.
- Added sounds to critical error messages.
- Ingame interface is now better and it only shows players on current match ID.
- Each game path is now remembered, if you play two or more games, no need to browse for game executable each time you switch them.
- Login shouldn't show you online on CGAC anymore, players need to actually start the game to be showed online.
- Added warning about deleting third party files during update procedure.
- Fixed some more memory leaks that might have been causing unexpected behavior.

Apologies to some players that had issues since last update with screenshots, these problems should be fixed in most of cases following this update.

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[LAN] Gamerz Only COD4#2 LAN PARTY powered by...

in PC: Call of Duty by svaBo! - Oct 8th 2015
[LAN] Gamerz Only COD4#2 LAN PARTY powered by Warp-Omega We are just one week away from the second installment of Gamerz Only COD4 tournament powered by Warp-Omega. After already being rescheduled once, event is finally set to kick-off on 17th of October in Karlovac, Croatia.

With only 8 teams confirming their attendance so far, there are still a few more spots left. Any last-minute team can sign up here.

Click "Read more" for any additional information.

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Tournament and Premium changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Sep 19th 2015
Tournament and Premium changes Hello everyone, we've made some major changes to the tournament system and CG Premium.

All users are now able to activate a free 2 week trial of CG Premium at this page:

More free tournaments will now require CG premium to compete, allowing more tournaments to have prize pools. We'll still have some completely "free" tournaments that don't require CG premium, we'll revisit how many in two weeks given that most users will likely activate premium immediately. Users that already have CG premium (thanks!) are able to add on the free 2 weeks to their existing subscription from the premium page.

Click read more for more information.

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[CoD4] Cybergamer Amateur Season 13 - Live on...

in PC: Call of Duty by jUZE - Sep 11th 2015
[CoD4] Cybergamer Amateur Season 13 - Live on Sunday! We like to announce the new format for the upcoming 13th season of the Cybergamer Amateur leaugee.

Ladder will be opened this Sunday the 13th of September 2015.

Season Length
3 Months period
Team members
Team Rosters are now open, you can still however only have a maximum of 7 players in the team

1st 3 months CG Premium
2nd 2 months CG Premium
3rd 1 month CG Premium

We decided to stick with the premium prizes, with a little note, only the players that are in the team account at the time of the ladder lock will get premium.
As for the maps, we decided to take a step away from BO3 and try BO2 for a season but the maps remain random.

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CoD2 S&D Night Cup September 2015

in PC: Call of Duty by miss - Sep 4th 2015
CoD2 S&D Night Cup September 2015 After quite some time now we are ready to announce another CoD2 S&D Night Cup. Before going into fall and making bigger and more serious tournaments we want to make general rehearsal of everything important: the system, new admins and anticheat, together with giving players some competitive fun. Therefore this cup seems just perfect solution for everything!

You can apply your team here.

In this tournament most of our standard CoD2 S&D rules apply. Down below are specific rules that prevail the standard rules.

Click "Read More" to check out awards, rules and details about this cup.

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[LAN] CoD4 Brussels 2 GROUPS

in PC: Call of Duty by Hiaeex - Aug 10th 2015
[LAN] CoD4 Brussels 2 GROUPS Groups will be annouced By Rikk 11-08-2015 8:00pm on

PC Specifications (80 PCs):
Intel i7 4770 (3.4 Ghz)
12 Gb DDR3 Memory
Nvidia Geforce GTX 770
Windows 8
Benq XL2411T 24" Widescreen 144Hz (65/80)

Tournament Structure:
Group Stage , (Every team will advance to the brackets)
Playoffs - Upper Bracket (BO3), Lower Bracket (BO1 MR15)
Grand Final (BO5)

You can find more details about this event by clicking "Read more".

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COD4 Weekly Tournament Schedule

in PC: Call of Duty by MARC - Jul 30th 2015
COD4 Weekly Tournament Schedule Hello everyone, now that the tournament system has been tested last Sunday. We've sorted out a new tournament schedule for Call of Duty 4.

For now the schedule is:
- EU COD4 5v5 Sunday Tournament (€ 2,50 Entry fee per player)
- EU COD4 5v5 Tuesday Free Tournament (Free)
- EU COD4 2v2 Wednesday Tournament (€ 2,50 Entry fee per player)
- EU COD4 2v2 Saturday Late Tournament (Free)

The schedule will be updated and soon there will be pretty much every evening a tournament. All the details are provided within the Tournament(s). Once a Tournament doesn't reach the required teams it will be Cancelled. (Entry fees will be automatically refunded) When a Tournament is completed it will move to Past Tournaments, 2-3 days after completing the Tournament it will be auto-created for the same day and time.

For the tournaments with Entry fee it is also possible to pay for the whole team.

Good luck & Have fun playing these Tournaments! Any suggestions/feedback would be great.

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CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!

in PC by miss - Jul 26th 2015
CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released! After several months of waiting, a new version of CyberGamer Anti-Cheat has finally arrived.

The client has been rewritten from scratch, with aim to portability and extended user interface. Support for Windows XP is back as well. It should work on every operating system since Windows XP SP3, including the same. Supported games are:
- Call of Duty 1
- Call of Duty 2
- Call of Duty 4
- Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Click "Read More" to find out all most recent news about CGAC.

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